Retention Strategies
Education Online Services Corp. utilizes optimal technology and enrollment management practices to increase student admissions for its educational partner colleges and universities with a strong commitment to attract successful students.

Education Online Services Corp. emphasizes retention strategies throughout its comprehensive student services processes in order to produce ideal outcomes. These processes include: a dedicated academic student support department, thorough screening of applicants, and trained admissions advisors with a deep understanding of retention and enrollment management strategies as well as other measurements and metrics which are required to enroll quality students with higher propensity to graduate.

Lead Management
The proprietary technology of EDUverified® not only features superb data management capabilities, but also offers the school the ability to monitor and track the lead management process as it happens and determine at a glance how many prospects the school will receive on a daily basis. The solution is capable of seamless integration with the School Enrollment Management System to facilitate the student experience.

Our EDUverified® system validates all prospects based on set parameters. Once a lead is generated, qualified and verified by our educational advisors, it's transferred immediately to enrollment counselors at the school x– who can follow up with the prospect instantly and seamlessly. Our focus on quality leads rather than on quantity of leads produces better-motivated, longer-term students. EOSERVE’s Directory allows universities to showcase their unique content, programs, and benefits on customized school landing pages, where motivated prospects can become familiar with all the school has to offer.

Enrollment Services
EOSERVE offers advanced tools to increase enrollment. Increasing your student enrollment is the fastest, most efficient path to gaining greater market share for most institutions. If your college or university is fully accredited, EOSERVE can help your school manage its online curriculum platform to greater benefit. Through our 18+ years of marketing experience, demonstrated online strategies, time-tested VoIP and web-based technology, retention-based philosophy and turnkey enrollment services, we can grow your market share and help ensure the success of your institution.

Educational Advisors
Our highly experienced internal enrollment team has in-depth understanding of the institutions we seek to brand, market and promote. While they emphasize sales. These Staff Members are specifically trained to sell higher education, and they're adept at turning qualified leads into enrolled students. And with a focus on retention, you can be certain our experts not only get students into your classrooms, but they also assist in keeping them there.

We can also support the training of your enrollment and admissions counselors on conversion strategies and/or help you initiate internal management systems to increase efficiency and ultimately obtain and retain more students.

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